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I am a freelance photographer specializing in interior photography, landscape photography and dog portraits.


I offer interior photography services for agencies and individuals, perfect for property marketing and furnishing. I specialize in capturing the unique character of each space, using tools such as plate filters and polarizers to capture the perfect image directly while shooting. My post-processing techniques are limited to slight adjustments that enhance the essence of the shot.


Dedicated dog photography to create wonderful memories with your four-legged friend. I believe dogs have a special place in our hearts, and my goal is to capture their personalities and the bond between them and their owners.

Photography is my main expressive tool for sharing my unique vision. Beyond my professional services, I love spending time in nature, capturing breathtaking moments through my lens. I organize photographic excursions in the mountains in Lombardy, offering tailor-made workshop opportunities to introduce or perfect photographic techniques.


I have had collaborations with reputable companies such as Orobie Active, Wesual, Meero, SmartShoot, Ocus.

My work was recognized with honors at the ND Awards 2022 in the Nature category and as a nominee in the One Shot Photo Contest 2022 in the Nature category.


For collaborations, photographic services or requests for personalized workshops, do not hesitate to contact me.

Fotografia di paesaggio
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